Bad Street Brawler 258/365

In honor of heading to Chicago in the morning for Riot fest I thought I would throw out this gem from September of 1989 that is based on Punk Rock...You know, "Punk Rock".

Salad Days 364/365

I am very happy to say I supported this movie during the Kickstarter phase and it came out perfect. Scott Crawford did a great job and you should follow him on his social media because it's full of fun punk rock memes, @saladdazed

Justin Timberlake and I’s Date

When I was in high school I went to Peabody’s Downunder to see Rocket From The Crypt play. My friends and I didn’t have enough money to pay the covers so we wandered the The Flats of Cleveland, Ohio sparing change from people. We ended up by The Odeon where we walked right in because whoever was headlining was already on and no one seemed to care or notice. We pointed and laughed at some boy band that was playing got some change and headed back to our show.

Class of 1984 104/365

A young Canadian by the name of Michael Fox had not found his true self with his J when this movie was released but I can assure you it is still worth your time. This is easily one of the best punk rock gang movies of the 80s.