A New Year’s Evil Discussion

Start the New Year out right with New Year's Evil the Drunken Horror way.

Knight Rider 303/365

An All Hallow's Eve tradition since 1988 is to spend it with Knight Rider as Michael is a known Satanist. And not like one of the good ones who support Women's Rights like those LaVey weirdos. It's true. It was all Hasselhoff.

Castlevania 269/365

September 26th, 1986 is a banner day in the history of gaming. The great and all mighty Castlevania started to raise electric bills across this nation as kids pushed the red light on for first time and not even close to the last.

How Are You Standing Up?

We all know how awful the overturning of Roe v Wade will be and has already been for Women’s Rights. But seeing as how I belong to a congregation that works very hard to secure a person’s individual freedoms and should have the support of living person who agrees with Choice I wanted to let you know. They are called, The Satanic Temple.