The Strange And Bizarre Live Action Disney Channel Shows

In April of 1983 Disney launched the Disney Channel. At the time it was a paid for Subscription channel on cable, similar to HBO or Cinemax. The channel primarily broadcasted reruns of classic Disney shows and films as most original material was still being developed.

Salad Days 364/365

I am very happy to say I supported this movie during the Kickstarter phase and it came out perfect. Scott Crawford did a great job and you should follow him on his social media because it's full of fun punk rock memes, @saladdazed

Gleaming The Cube 363/365

This is in my top movies from childhood. I watched it on repeat once I was able to record it off HBO or where and didn't have to it rent it weekly. I later had a tape without the sleeve I picked up who knows where and watched it non stop through college and still have today. It's got a lot of melted clay and random markings from art school all over it.