Disney’s The Little Mermaid 243/365

We're going to end the month with another Disney title from August in 1991. I can't really say anything about the game because all I can do now is sing "Under the Sea" Take it from me.

The Rocketeer 172/365

In true form of any movie property turned into a video game; this game is top ten best games of all time. Nope. Not true. Since they pretty much all suck don't expect more from this one when you buy it starting today in 1991.

Disney’s Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers 159/365

When I would be forced to watch this cartoon while waiting for better ones to start after school I always thought Monterey Jack is a great name for a mouse character like he was. And that was the end of my praise for it. Today in 1990 this one came home but unfortunately I never owned the sequel which is worth its weight in gold.

Duck Tales 2 113/365

We all know the first title and how great it was but the the second one was not nearly as popular. It came late to the Nintendo lineup when released today in 1993 and because of that it is worth a lucky dime.