Demolition Man: Cryo-Claw Tech

O good I can play with a Technician. The Cryo-Claw Tech comes with his Cryo Claws so he can remove frozen inmates and that's it. I guess he can put them in after frozen too.

White Men Can’t Jump 23/365

Before settling on the East Coast to clean glass and care for drunks Woody had dream of becoming a name in the world of basketball and try he did. Although life can throw you plenty of bricks he continued to try anyway he could to find his home. Becoming best friends with Sidney was only the beginning.

Demolition Man 12/365

Our hero John Spartan, played by Sly is good cop who leaves a wave of destruction to bring down a criminal. After bringing down his arc nemesis Simon Phoenix, played by Wesley Snipes, he is charged for the deaths of civilians during the arrest and put in the freezer.