The Outwaters – 2022

Our main players are four people who are heading to the desert to film a music video for a Stevie Nicks rip off. Everything is a blast and nothing but a good time until night falls and the Mojave Desert gets weird…and bloody.

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This low budget $15K production will went on to make a name for itself as the Best Feature from the Unnamed Footage Festival and Dead of Night Film Festival. If you have an 1h50m to get your horror fix you can catch this one on ScreamBox or the name brands like iTunes and Amazon have it for rent.

The writer, director, actor and producer let their project loose on a limited run starting February 9th, 2023 and it quickly became a must find for genre fans everywhere. Luckily Robbie Banfitch also released it to home viewers starting only 8 days later if you subscribe to ScreamBox (which you totally should). I give this Best Feature from the Unnamed Footage Festival and Dead of Night Film Festival a solid 3 out of 5 stars.

If you haven’t seen the movie click Bill & Ted, otherwise keep reading for Spoilers.

I personally enjoy a found footage movie but nothing really wowed me like other reviews had me expect. It falls into the two main problems Found Footage runs into; spending half the movie introducing us to characters we will and do not care about and show an incredible amount of bad shots. Just because it’s found footage doesn’t mean that every person involved does not understand framing.

There is nothing special to this movie, I don’t mean it as harsh criticism but I don’t get why some many horror nerds were talking about it. I mean, the dude has to force himself to remember his name but has the camera down no problem. I’m sorry found footage creators but unless you put a GoPro on a character’s head there’s going to be a point where they put the camera down while trying to live.

O and another thing, the hippie girl straight out of the 00s version of the hippies I called Stevie Nicks, she isn’t Lily Rabe from AHS either.

What are your thoughts?

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