The X-Files – The Overview

As much television as I watch and how few friends I had it’s a real surprise that I never watched The X-Files. On top of that one of my favorite shows of all time is The Twilight Zone and I clearly loved horror and monsters if you have ever seen anything on this page.

But nope, never watched an episode. Sure, I’ve seen bits and parts and I know general pop culture trivia on it but I don’t know much. I know I’ll get aliens and monsters but I don’t know if vampires will show up for example. I’m actually pretty happy to know I have a ton of new television to watch while expecting it to be good.

I plan to go through the entire series in order with the movies at their natural release date and comment on every one of them. I assume some will be much better than others but they will all deserve their own for some reason or another. Feel free to let me know what I missed or how wrong I am.
I hope it’s as good as Eerie, Indiana mixed with Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

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What are your thoughts?

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