Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland 331/365

I’m a big fan of Tiny Toons Adventures and their games. This one was a November 27th release in 1992 and it’s fun. But let’s be honest; if you’re playing a Tiny Toons game you want it to be Buster

“Buster Bunny receives an invitation to a newly opened amusement park. He gladly accepts, unaware of the fact this invitation is a trap. Now he and his friends have to overcome all the obstacles and to survive in the Wackyland…

‘Trouble in Wackyland’ consists of several mini-games which you can complete in no particular order. You have to reach the engine of a train in a standard side-scrolling platformer, keep your balance on a wooden plank while diving down dangerous waterfalls, compete in toy car tournament, etc. Once you gain enough tickets, you can access the Castle, that is standing behind the Amusement Park.”

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