Topps Sports Talk by LJN

Check out this kid trying so hard to make it in the acting world while only setting himself up to talk about how “it’s a better type of card” for his entire life.

Topps partnered up with LJN in 1988 to come out with the greatest reinvention of the baseball card to date. And yes, that includes NFTs, ya nerd.

Somehow or another it did not make any waves as it only came out with a total of 164 cards for one season and even stopped production of other sports like Football and Basketball.

But I loved it. I can easily recall the Christmas I got one when I was little and even the one my wife bought me when I was an adult. I recently decided I wanted them all like I do with most things and started collecting the cards. I got to about 30 when I found a full set still carded for a very low price and was forced(forced) to buy it.

I am still working on an open set so I can play all the cards. I figure I can get out about 3 a week until I hit the total amount of 164; because you need to hear what Don Drysdale has to say. I’ll throw up a post once a week for the carded ones for you price sticker fanatics.

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Bonus Card Video

What are your thoughts?

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