Wrecking Crew 174/365

Wrecking Crew was one of the original Black Box games and released on June 18th, 1986. It’s been around as far as the beginning as far as I can tell with arcade cabinets and Playchoice-10.
This is a fun title I recall half of my friends having. Since it was from the start no matter when your family got into the NES it could be found cheap and on sale for all birthday and Christmas occasions. 

Wrecking Crew is a platform action game for one or two players. Players control Mario and Luigi, who need to demolish various buildings. After each wall in the building has been destroyed, players move on to the next (and more difficult) building. Many of the buildings have a puzzle element to them; players may need to find the path to reach all of the walls without the heroes getting trapped at a dead end. Wandering throughout the buildings are dangerous creatures and the construction foreman, all of whom will stop Mario and Luigi from completing their task. The game features 100 levels. A construction set is included, allowing players to create and play their own buildings.”

Pick up your own copy here and don’t forget to check “Sold Items” before hitting up an auction.

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