X-Files – S1E1 The Pilot

“The agents’ first case takes them to Oregon to investigate the unsolved murders of several high-school classmates. `Spooky’ Mulder believes they have been experimented on by aliens.”

The meeting of Agent Mulder and Dr. Scully is one that has gone down in the record books of the 90s and it took place on September 10th, 1993 during the Pilot episode.

The first episode showed me right away why the nerds of the 90s liked these two FBI Agents so much. The idea she isn’t hip to the unknown and he is head over heels in love with the unexplained is an obvious nice choice especially with the good Dr. Scully having to report everything to the suits.

The monster from today’s episode was aliens which I am guessing will be the overall running theme of all these creatures and whatnot. Again, I know I am speaking what you all know but I’m new here. The way they had Scully just see the light was nice but I’m pretty pumped to see them write that into every episode.

A “Did I Hear That Right” moment is when a nurse is discussing which are and are not her patients said “Not my aisle of the produce section”. A “Not To Be Missed” part is when blood shot out of the girl’s nose in the hospital.

Shout out to Jim Jansen for being in this episode, you should know him as Dennis the Menace‘s Dad as well as every sitcom of my youth. Cliff De Young also better known as a Dad, this time from Flight of the Navigator, The Skateboard Kid and The Craft. And an honorable mention to Charles Cioffi for his work in Newsies…and Shaft.

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