X-Files – S1E3 Squeeze

“Scully and Mulder discover a mysterious serial killer when they find that their current investigation is similar to an unsolved case from 1903.”

In episode three we come across a liver stealing monster that seems to be ageless as crimes have been committed across decades. Which is the exact reason our heroes have anything to do with the case. Another agent asked Scully for help but of course Mulder handles it like a true professional.

I’ve been really happy with my choice to start watching this show with the first two episodes but three was the first roadblock. It was fine for the 40 some minutes but it didn’t hold me like the other two. I’m guessing I will have to deal with a lot of filler in these seasons and if this is an example of a bad episode; I’ll be just fine.

Donal Logue shows up ight at the beginning and had me happy because that man is amazing. Not only as Jimmy the Cab Driver but also a Yippie in a very important movie to me personally, Steal this Movie. This episode also forces us to look at Doug Hutchison, which in their defense, he didn’t prove his skills by making me hate him with a passion from The Green Mile yet.

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