X-Files – S1E4 Conduit

“Mulder and Scully travel to Sioux City to investigate the disappearance of a teenager, Ruby Morris, whose mother Darlene claims was abducted by aliens.” 10/1/1993

This was a fun episode I thought with the jokes about Mulder getting the case from the grocery store rags; which he kind of did. Here our heroes have to head to the lake to see about some aliens who were around years ago and are back causing a stir.

Mulder gets ransacked by the NSA again, which I assume will be a normal occurrence, and this time we can put some blame on Scully. She isn’t showing her trustworthiness to her partner that I suspect she needs to. He even called her out on it.

This episode had the great Donald Gibb who everyone knows as Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds but he is so much more from being a bouncer in Stripes to a monster in Bloodsport and every tv show of our youth. Conduit also has Michael Cavanaugh which I wouldn’t mention but man, was he awful, always calling out the missing girl as loose.

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