X-Files – S1E6 Shadows

“When an unseen force commits several murders wherever a young woman is present, Mulder suspects that it is the spirit of the woman’s former boss who was believed to have committed suicide, but was actually murdered, and he is protecting her.” Originally aired 10/22/1993

I liked this one right away because it was ghostly and I was proven wrong that this show will not only be devoted to little green men as this episode is about a secretary of a company who has two owners where one has committed suicide. In reality he was killed by the other for shady money reasons and loved the the secretary so was poltergeisting the place to catch the bad guy and protect the employee that felt more like a daughter.

What I thought was great about this one was that it ended with the answer not being solved. They let us know that it was in fact a ghost and there is no other explanation than the old boss wants his unfinished business done. They also received extra points for the bathtub blood scene.

Lisa Waltz is the focal point in this episode and you should recognize her as the super pretty Mom in Pet Sematary 2 or even Herman’s Head. I suspect My So Called Life was also on the tip of your tongue. The late Loretta Gale was also in this one because she was in everything, from most TV shows we watched in the 80s and 90s to an Ernest movie, Emily Rose and even Zeon.

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