X-Files – S1E5 The Jersey Devil

“The murder of a homeless man, which is very similar in detail to a murder committed in 1947, leads Mulder and Scully to a legendary man-beast roaming in the forest near Atlantic City.” Originally aired on 10/8/1993.

The idea that they were going to head to the east coast to capture the Jersey Devil and you might think “damn, already jumping that shark” but they cover it nicely. They carry it with the fact that if there is some weird jersey Devil out there it would just be an abandoned human of some sorts. Even the monster show that is The X-Files knows to tread lightly.

I really liked that the crappy town sheriff, sorry to be redundant, wouldn’t listen to reason and wanted to kill the woman who was the Jersey Devil rather than do police work.

There’s not a lot of people in this one but the Jersey Devil herself is Claire Stansfield, who I know better as Greta from the great, Best of the Best 2. An honorable mention also goes to Michael MacRae for his work in Summer School.

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